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What's the intramedullary nail's advantage and disadvantage?
Jan 08, 2019

Intramedullary nail is an orthopedic internal fixation device in medical devices. The structure has an intramedullary nail, a proximal locking screw hole is arranged at the proximal end of the intramedullary nail, and a decompression plane is arranged on the surface of the intramedullary nail. More than one elongate decompression plane is provided on the surface of the intramedullary nail rod, and the decompression plane can be from the proximal end of the intramedullary nail to the distal end of the intramedullary nail. A locking screw positioning screw hole and a connecting sleeve positioning groove are arranged at the proximal end of the intramedullary nail rod.

intramedullary nail


1. The diameter of the marrow cavity limits the use of intramedullary nails. 

2. It is not as good as steel plate and external fixation in controlling rotation. 

3. Reaming destroys endocardial blood supply and affects medial cortical bone. 

4. Reaming leads to bone marrow component Blood can lead to fat embolism. 

5. Limited scope of application: metaphyseal fracture, open fracture can not use intramedullary nail.


1. The combination of interlocking nails has high stability, avoiding the “z-effect” generated by traditional reconstruction nails, anti-rotation, anti-cutting, and obvious pressure effect.

2. The cross-section of the proximal trapezoid is the design principle of the joint prosthesis, which enhances the stability and mechanical advantages. The smaller proximal end retains the normal bone and surrounding soft tissue to the greatest extent.

3. The distal end adopts a hairpin-like bifurcation design to reduce stress concentration, avoid fractures around the distal end, and reduce the occurrence of pain.

4. With a 12° forward angle design, it is more in line with anatomical features.

5. Pre-inserted hollow stability screws can be locked when necessary to eliminate excessive sliding after surgery.

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