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How to sterilize and clean a surgical drill or saw?
Dec 28, 2018

Sterilization and Cleaning

1) Before sterilization, the main body and the back cover of the Surgical Saw and Drill garden must be unscrewed, the cap should be removed, the desiccant should be taken out, and then replace a new special desiccant in the center, and the cap should be close. Make sure that the desiccant wrapper is not exposed and tighten the back cover.

2) The battery must be removed before sterilization.

3) Cleaning: The battery case should properly stored after being soaked in gauze or alcohol.

4) Sterilization: It must be sterilized before use! When sterilizing, put the whole surgical saw or drill on a stainless steel grid and autoclave according to relevant national regulations.

5) Do not collide the battery when installing the battery to avoid damage! ! !


1) The battery cannot be used immediately after charging for about 2 hours. It is necessary to confirm that the battery is cool before use.

1) Avoid violent impact with other hard materials during use to avoid deformation on the surface of the surgical saw and drill.

2) The charger should not be brought into the operating room and should be used in a clean, dry and level environment.

3) The charger should not be eroded by oil or chemical solvents, and should protect from mechanical damage.

4) Do not Violent pull out the battery.


1, The charger and battery can not be sterilized by high temperature!

2. Renew desiccant regularly every week!

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