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Does the orthopedic surgery plate need to be removed?
Jan 04, 2019

1. Permanent Internal Implants: Many of the orthopedic surgery are internal plants that cannot be removed because these internal plants play an important role in supporting the limbs or replacing joint activities. These internal implants include joint prostheses such as artificial hip joints, artificial knee joints, artificial shoulder joints, etc., which serve as a substitute for human joint function and are permanent internal implants. Patients with fracture of the knee joint ligament use artificial ligament for ligament reconstruction. The artificial ligament acts as a substitute for the cruciate ligament of the human body, maintains normal knee joint activity and strengthens knee joint stability. It is a permanent internal implant. Sports injuries such as rotator cuff injury and shoulder instability usually require the use of a wire anchor for repair. The anchor plays a role in combining the skeletal structure with the ligament and joint capsule, and is a permanent internal implant. The permanent internal implants listed above are endoscopic implants that do not require removal if there are no extreme conditions such as infection, internal implant rupture, loosening or periprosthetic fractures.

2. Temporary internal implants: Many orthopedic operations require active joints, and implants in these areas need to be removed in time. For example, the inferior tibiofibular joint screw in the ankle fracture is designed to ensure the firm healing of the inferior tibiofibular ligament. Since the lower ankle joint is a fretting active joint, the lower jaw must be removed before the patient walks down the ground.腓Combined screws, if not removed in time, will cause the screws to break, so that it is difficult to remove; in some cases, the screws of some of the implants will loosen, and the loose screws will gradually withdraw until they are accessible on the skin surface. The tail of the screw, in severe cases, can even form internal hemorrhoids. Such an internal implant needs to be taken out in time; although the internal implant is subjected to antigen treatment, it is still a foreign body to the human body, and it is easy to be infected at the inner implant. If the internal implant is not removed, the infection is usually uncontrollable. Therefore, when the internal implant is infected, it needs to be taken out in time, otherwise the infection will be difficult to control.

3. General-purpose implants: In addition to the above two types of implants, most of the implants used in clinical practice are between the desired and the unsuitable. The materials of the implants and the patients are taken into consideration. Age and physical condition as well as the site where the implant is implanted.

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